Anti-Christian bias By Jon Nelson

One of the most common themes of today’s Religious Right is that there is a profound anti-Christian bias in these United States, and that they are constantly under attack from virtually every direction.  As an atheist, I constantly encounter Christians who say words to this effect.  After a careful and objective consideration of this argument, I’ve come to the conclusion that they are right.  Consider the following:

Both of the major political parties are dominated by Christian-hating atheists.  The democrats have the likes of that well-known atheist Rev. Jesse Jackson, well-known for his vicious attacks on Christianity.  The Republicans, not to be outdone, have such hard-core non-believers as the Rev. Pat Robertson, founder of the atheist group called the Christian Coalition, who is probably in the forefront of the Republican’s efforts to turn this country into an atheist paradise not unlike the former Soviet Union.

  1. There exist countless other atheist groups who exert their pernicious effect on the political process, including Focus on the Family, the Eagle Forum and the Christian hating Tea Party.
  2. It is virtually impossible to find pro-Christian books at any major bookseller; the corporate bigwigs insist that books on atheism predominate.
  3. On Sunday mornings, the liberal atheist media broadcasts countless atheist shows and programs, while it is virtually impossible to find Christian programming during this time period.
  4. While atheist buildings dominate the countryside, there are virtually no churches available for the poor deprived believers.
  5. Our money has that well-known atheist slogan “We do not trust in god” on it.
  6. All schoolchildren are forced to recite our atheistic pledge of allegiance each morning: “one nation, anti-god, indivisible…”
  7. The few Christian churches that do exist are forced to pay outrageous taxes.
  8. Atheist lawmakers are trying to pass a law mandating a “moment of noise” in classrooms during which students are encouraged to degrade Christianity.
  9. At baseball games, you can often spot people holding signs reading “Origin of Species, page 34.”
  10. Atheists often lie and invent “deathbed de-conversion” stories about famous Christians, claiming that they became atheists just before they died.
  11. Bibles and other books promoting Christianity are often removed from libraries in response to atheist pressure groups.
This list only scratches the surface.  It is hoped that it will help illuminate the horrifying anti-Christian bias that has taken hold of our society and halt the discrimination that confronts these poor, put-upon Christians.

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